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Introducing Bodyzone Heavyweight, Fitness & Health Gym

Bodyzone is an established Bodybuilding, power lifting Gym and MMA Club working in collaboration with Team Batcave. We have been resident within the Leisure Centre for over 20 years as a long serving and reliable Tenant of the Bracknell Forest Council. The gym has survived through challenging times over the last 20 years because of its uniqueness and loyalty of members.


Members of Bodyzone Gym have been coming for 20 years. Men and women alike with ages ranging from 16yrs to 75yrs. Generations of families have come and gone through this gym. Members include Bodybuilders, Powerlifters and Pro Fitness professionals who have competed in numerous shows around the country at the highest levels, winning competitions. Some of the best Personal trainers around bring their clients to Bodyzone Gym.


Team Batcave is Bracknell’s longest standing MMA Club, based at Bodyzone. With a variety of coaches from former GB Judo competitors, amateur boxers and former professional MMA competitors. All who have all competed at high levels in their chosen disciplines. You’ll find all the coaches are also active personal trainers both in and outside Bodyzone Gym


Bodyzone Gym accommodates Students from Berkshire Schools under the ‘Lifestyle’ programme for work experience who have gained valuable knowledge of a diverse environment and how a business can support this with valuable lessons on customer service, sales and general housekeeping of the gym. Students have left reports of how welcome and comfortable they felt when working here.


Most importantly, we offer critical support for people such as veterans with psychological disabilities including depression, anxiety, PTSD to name a few. These people entirely rely on Bodyzone gym not only for exercise but for the interaction, support and an environment where they feel safe.


During the 20 years that Bodyzone Gym has been at Bracknell Leisure Centre, numerous celebrities have visited and trained Bodyzone. The likes of Eddie Hall, the England Rugby Team and more recently Will Smith. He specifically chose Bodyzone Gym whilst in the area, because of the welcoming, relaxed feel with a more traditional environment.


As a result of existing over a long period of time, Bodyzone Gym has created its own community that you will be hard to find anywhere else. Members don’t just spend an hour training, they spend hours training, chatting, relaxing and networking.


The uniqueness about Bodyzone Gym is that it has maintained a ‘traditional’ look and feel, with specific heavyweight and powerlifting facilities, equipment and specialist Personal Trainers. In addition to this, a Martial Arts training centre with highest level coaches.


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